Hemp CBD Oil FAQs

What is Hemp CBD Oil?

CBD (cannabidiol) is just one of over 60 compounds found in the hemp cannabis sativa plant, that is not found in any other plant – that’s what makes it special.  These belong to a class of ingredients called cannabinoids. Usually, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) was getting most of the attention because it’s the ingredient in cannabis that produces mind-altering effects, or a ‘high’, in users. However, CBD is  present in high concentrations in hemp (and naturally has very low THC) and the medical world is realizing that its list of medical benefits continues to grow. Hemp CBD Oil has become quite popular for improving health and wellness including; relief from inflammation and pain, reduced feelings of anxiety and stress, better sleep and more.

What are the benefits of Hemp CBD oil?

Research shows that the benefits of consuming CBD includes anti-inflammatory effects and pain relief, reduced anxiety, better sleep/reduced insomnia, increased deep REM sleep, anticonvulsant (helpful for seizure disorders), antioxidant, anti-nausea and much more. It has also helped with skin conditions, cravings, blood sugar levels, blood pressure etc. However, CBD alone (isolate) is not as effective without the other cannabinoids present.

What is the difference between Full Spectrum and Isolate Hemp CBD Oil?

When the full Hemp plant is used to create a full spectrum oil which is mixed with hemp oil it’s a potent combination . Using a full spectrum oil (meaning all parts of the plant are used) means that we are creating an oil with the full cannabinoid profile of CBD, CBG, CBC, and CBN and terpenes. These cannabinoids all work together synergistically to create something called the “entourage effect”. There are over 400 phytonutrients in the hemp plant and the C02 extraction process allows us to extract all of them. CBD Isolate oil has zero THC and is pure CBD.

Can CBD or other cannabinoids help the immune system?

CBD itself as well as the other cannabinoids acts as a balancer in the body, promoting homeostasis and this includes with the immune system.

Can you get ‘high’ from Hemp CBD Oil?

Since this is not derived from marijuana, and there are only tiny trace amounts of THC (which is the compound that makes one ‘high’ when using marijuana) in the Full spectrum oil, it doesn’t cause a high. Our oil comes from the  hemp plant which naturally contains higher levels of CBD and lower levels of THC. Cannabis is the opposite, it naturally has high THC and low CBD.

Will I fail a drug test?

Our CBD Isolate Oil contains zero THC.  Since even our full spectrum oil only contains trace amounts of THC, it is virtually undetectable in standard drug screens. It is considered a supplement, a food grade product. You would need to ingest 50 bottles in one setting for a trace amount to show up in a urinalysis, hair strand test, or other lab work. However, we cannot guarantee what type of testing your employer may use (some test for other cannabinoids and also terpenes) so we recommend you speak with them about it.

How much is in a bottle?

Each bottle contains approximately 1,000 drops, and is 30 ml in total. We have various strengths of CBD oil.  The higher the strength, the less you need and the more value you get for your dollar.

How much do I take per serving?

Our Hemp CBD Oil is very potent and pure so you want to start slowly. You will start with 4-5 drops under your tongue and hold for 30 seconds before swallowing. Do this twice per day for a couple days then you can increase each serving by one or two drops to a maximum of 1 dropperful spread throughout your day. Some like to divide it into 3 servings per day as it’s a good idea to have CBD in your system all day long.  Everyone is different so play around with the serving size to find what fits you best. This method of consumption under the tongue ensures that you get the full benefit of the CBD oil as it absorbs directly into the bloodstream.

How is Hemp CBD Oil extracted?

CO2 process is the best and safest for extraction. This is the most expensive method of extraction but it is the one that ensures all the phytochemicals are extracted but without any harmful residues left over. This is considered the safest and most reliable extraction method in the industry.

Where is your CBD Oil manufactured? 

Our oil is manufactured right here in Canada


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