With 8% of adults experiencing chronic back pain, it isn’t surprising if you’re beginning to suffer too. Or maybe you’re a long time sufferer of back pain, and you’ve tried other treatments to no avail. What more can be done for managing back pain?

The popular trend of using over-the-counter medication to its full effect may not feel like the best option. Medications used long-term can leave you with kidney and liver problems (and other unwanted side effects) that you didn’t have before managing your chronic pain.

If you’re tired of the side effects of over-the-counter medication and are looking for a side effect free, effective, and natural pain management option, look no further. CBD oil for back pain has been proven to meet all of those requirements.

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD is a derivative of the hemp plant which is in the cannabis familyWhen you think of using cannabis to treat pain, you may start associating it with the world of drug use for recreational purposes, but there are two purposes for growing cannabis plants and two different varieties of the plant.

The first is THC heavy variety which is the compound that we associate with the “high” feeling of smoking marijuana. Except for in controlled settings, this compound isn’t available for most people to buy without a doctor’s prescription.

The second is the hemp plant. While it still contains trace amounts of THC, hemp is used for fabrics, papers, and CBD extract. The THC levels in hemp are low enough that it is safe for everyday usage.

CBD is present in both THC varieties and hemp, but most CBD oils are manufactured from the hemp plant. The hemp plant is naturally very high in CBD and very low in THC. Other cannabis plants are higher in THC and very low in CBD. This means that there are no psychogenic or “high” effects when you use CBD oil.

How Does CBD Oil for Back Pain Work?

So now that you know what CBD is, you’re probably wondering how to manage back pain with CBD oil. CBD oil works on your back pain in a number of ways.

The first is that CBD is an anti-inflammatory. Anti-inflammatories reduce the production of certain enzymes that signal pain in the body. Because CBD can be a topical treatment, the production of the enzyme is reduced only in the area where you’ve applied the solution.

From your skin, the oil can penetrate deeply into your muscle where it can begin to reduce inflammation. This results in pain and swelling reduction. This can increase the range of motion in your back returned and your discomfort will be greatly reduced.

One of the benefits of CBD oil for back pain is because it’s only working on the one area of your body, you’re much less likely to get side effects from topical pain treatment than you are from oral pain killers.

CBD oil also has a natural calming and relaxing effect. A lot of back pain is worsened by tension caused by worry over the pain. CBD oil works to reduce the pain and calm your state of mind so that you can heal restfully and completely.

CBD oil is best taken internally, to get at the root of the inflammation, however some also like to use topicals for an additional boost in pain relief.

CBD Oil Products

CBD comes in oils, lotions, and salves. But before making a purchase you should make sure that you’re buying the highest quality product. There are a lot of cheap, artificial versions of CBD products on the market that will be less effective and possibly even unsafe to use.

When purchasing tinctures for internal use, check ingredients for hemp CBD extract and pure medium chain triglyceride (MCT) oil. The oil is an important part because it’s what makes it possible for the body to absorb the CBD. It’s even better if the company knows where their ingredients directly come from.

Try a pure isolate CBD oil. It’s 99% pure CBD with zero THC traces, and it doesn’t have that hemp smell.

If you’d like an orally taken option with a stronger calming effect, try a CBD full spectrum oil. It can be used topically or orally and still only has a <.3% trace of THC.  The delicious and refreshing spearmint flavor covers up that THC taste when taken orally. Because it’s highly absorbable it will never leave an oily residue in your mouth.

If using an oil makes you uncomfortable, you can always try a salve. Some salves such as our CBD Pain Relief Topical Salve combine other ingredients for an even better healing effect. It combines CBD technology with shea butter and cocoa butter which moisturize as you put it on.


Applying CBD oil products is easy! With a topical oil or a salve simply rub it into the location of your pain and wait for the oil to penetrate into your sore muscles. You can even use CBD oil during a massage for the strongest relaxation and pain relief benefits.

For better sleep while recovering from back pain, you can also put a couple of drops in your mouth.


Start at a low serving size of CBD and work your way up gradually over a week’s time. This will eliminate the possibility of any minor side effects related to a detox response. These side effects could include

  • Mild Headaches
  • Diahrrea

If you’re having a procedure where you will go under anesthesia, be sure to inform your doctor of your CBD use. Sometimes the anesthesiologist will need to make adjustments based on that information. If you’re on medications, check

Better Back Pain Relief

Managing back pain is made so much easier and safer with the use of CBD oil products. CBD oil for back pain is natural and effective, and you can trust that your liver and kidneys will come out of your healing process unharmed.

Are you ready to try the best CBD oil for your pain? Browse our full line of CBD products!