Using CBD oil for cats has become a popular method of treating your little fur babies. CBD (Cannabidiol) helps reduce stress and aches for humans, but it can also help your cat deal with anxiety, stress-related problems, digestion, seizures and more.

If you are a cat owner, you always want your cat to stay healthy and happy. When their mood is down, it can impact your day as well.

Cat owners are always looking for alternative natural alternatives like the best CBD oil for cats. Then you can help your fur baby overcome inflammation and anxiety symptoms, along with other ailments.

Here is all the information you need to know about how to give CBD oil to cats and why this is one of the best treatments.

What Is CBD Oil for Cats?

Cannabis plants have over a hundred active compounds. Then there is one compound with many health benefits, which is why CBD oil became so mainstream. The compound CBD is much different from THC.

This is because THC has a psychoactive effect where patients feel “high” after consumption. CBD oil can be taken from the marijuana or hemp plant. The CBD oil derived from hemp can have a high concentration of CBD.

However, it also has low THC, so you never have to worry about feeling high. Whereas CBD oil derived from the marijuana plant has much higher THC and lower CBD levels. CBD oil for cats with anxiety from hemp is legal because it does not activate a high feeling.

CBD oil for pets is the best way to help manage stress, aches, and inflammation. If you want to see your pet’s quality of life improve, you should consider finding CBD oil for cats with anxiety.

How to Give CBD Oil to Cats?

Before diving into how to give CBD oil to cats, you should always remember that cats process supplements differently than us. The way you feel after taking CBD oil will not be the same way your cat feels.

Ways to administer CBD to your cat:

* In their food or on a treat

* Directly into their mouths (avoid touching the dropper to their mouth so as not to contaminate it)

* Place a couple drops on their paw. Cats will lick anything off their paw usually!

How Much CBD to Give?

You should always know the right dosage before giving CBD oil to cats. Remember that they are much smaller than us, so they need less cannabidiol in their system to enjoy the benefits. The first thing you need to do is weigh your cat. Ask for a pet chart from the CBD seller.

This will help come up with the right dosage to give them based on their size.  This is necessary to avoid any mild adverse side effects. Always start with a small dose of CBD oil for cats.

Then see how your pet reacts to this. If they do not show any negative symptoms, you can try giving them a higher dose in small amounts. While observing your cat during this time, keep an eye on whether they are eating and sleeping normally.

If you notice any changes that are worrying, you should immediately stop giving them the CBD oil. Otherwise, you may notice effects like sedation and gastrointestinal problems. Do plenty of research online before buying any CBD products, and ensure they have all been tested properly.

How Does CBD for Seizures in Cats Work?

Your cat and all other animals have an endocannabinoid system. This plays a critical role in ensuring that their bodies are healthy. Cats also produce endocannabinoid substances like endogenous cannabinoids.

When these get released, they travel through your pet’s bloodstream. The substances then attach to their cells to deliver messages telling the body how to respond and react to the environment. This response helps their body maintain an internal balance, which is called homeostasis.

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Cats can experience a lot of stress like humans. The reasons why cats get anxious can be poor human-cat relationships, changes in their environment, or health problems. At times, even conflict with other pets can make your pet feel stressed.

If your cat is under a lot of stress, it may have poor eating and grooming habits. You may also notice some behavioural issues that are concerning. This is where CBD oil for cats comes in handy. It can moderate your cat’s stress hormone production called cortisol.

CBD can also influence their brain receptors to regulate their mood. CBD oil for cats is also exceptional for managing fear. For instance, if your cat struggles to cope with travelling or meeting new people, you can consider introducing CBD oil into their routine.

CBD products are more natural than any other mood-altering drugs, so you should research the best CBD oil for cats and start with a small dose to see a happier pet.

CBD for Seizures in Cats

Seizures can be caused by electrical disruptions in a cat’s brain. This can result in horrible shakes throughout their body. It is natural for cat owners to get scared when this happens because it can be a serious health problem.

CBD for seizures in cats is an excellent treatment option to counteract seizures. It helps to reduce the number of electrical disruptions in their brain. CBD oil can also suppress the chances of your cat getting seizures again in the future.

CBD for seizures in cats is the best option because general seizure medicines can cause terrible side effects. Some of these are  mild such as  low energy levels but they can also be severe such as heart or kidney failure. Therefore, it is always best to give your furry loved one the best natural treatment instead of medications.

Best CBD Oil for Cats

As a cat owner, you may stress about using CBD oil for cats. However, this is the most effective and natural treatment to alleviate stress, anxiety, and seizures. Otherwise, you may find your cat suffering for a long time and struggling with side effects from other medicines.

For the best CBD oil to help your cat feel like a winner, contact us today, and we can help your fur baby find the “purrfect” treatment.