The benefits of CBD oil are impressive, but can your pet take advantage of these perks? People have been taking CBD oil to get relief from many conditions for a long time now. It turns out pets could be doing the same.

In this article, we’ll help you understand CBD oil for pets by answering some common questions about it. Then you can decide if it’s right for your furry friends.

What Is CBD Oil?

There is a common misconception that CBD oil is the same as marijuana, but this isn’t the case. Depending on what type of CBD oil you buy, it does not contain THC (the component of cannabis that gets you high) or contains very trace amounts.

CBD oil is actually a chemical derived from the hemp plant. CBD occurs naturally in high amounts in hemp plants. It has been legal since laws passed in 2018 allowed hemp products to be sold here in Canada.

What Is the Difference Between CBD for Humans vs Pets?

To take advantage of the effects of CBD hemp oil for dogs, all you need are cannabinoid receptors. Both humans and pets have these in their brains and throughout their bodies, so there isn’t any difference between CBD hemp oil for dogs and CBD oil sold to people. The biggest difference would be in the dosage that’s safe for consumption.

Is It Safe for Pets?

Yes, CBD oil is just as safe for dogs and cats as it is for humans. As with any substance, of course, minor side effects (such as diarrhea) is possible, but this is not common. This is why it’s so important to find the right amount to give to your pets.

Are There Side Effects?

With the right dosage of the best CDB oil for dogs and cats, there should be little to no side effects. As every animal is different, it is possible that they could experience the same side effects that humans do. These are generally mild and include things like  diarrhea, lower blood pressure and sleepiness.

What Is CBD Oil Good at Treating in Pets?

The CBD oil benefits for dogs and cats can help to treat a wide range of conditions. This is why so many people are starting to use it to the advantage of their pets. Your furry friends could see relief from the following ailments with CBD.

  • Anxiety
  • Sleep Issues
  • Pain
  • Seizures
  • Nausea
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Cancer
  • Inflammation
  • Skin Conditions

There are no official scientific findings on these claims, but the anecdotal evidence is overwhelmingly positive. There are ongoing studies that are aiming to prove the effects of CBD oil definitively. The number of pet owners who have seen firsthand how CBD oil helps their dogs and cats is quite high.

Are There Specific Types of CBD Oil That Are Better?

Unflavoured CBD Isolate is the best type of CBD for pets. It has zero THC.

There is a wide range of potencies available for purchase when it comes to different CBD oils. As with the different spectrums, it will depend on your pet and their needs how strong a dosage you want to use.

What Is the Difference in Spectrums?

To begin with, CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD. It contains none of the other compounds that you will find in hemp. There is also broad and full-spectrum hemp oil.

Full-spectrum CBD oil is named such because it contains tiny amounts of all the compounds found in hemp. Broad-spectrum will have almost all of these compounds, but it will not contain any THC.

Should You Consult with Your Veterinarian?

It’s always a good idea to talk with your family veterinarian about any changes to your pet’s health routine. While most veterinarians here in Canada will not prescribe hemp products, they will have considerable knowledge of your pet’s health.

Because no CBD product is officially approved by the government, they aren’t able to prescribe anything, but they should be able to discuss trying it and possible interactions with any medications your dog or cat is currently taking.

How Much Should My Pet Use?

This is probably the most important question after you’ve determined the best quality of CBD oil to purchase. Finding the correct CBD oil dosage for dogs and cats is essential for bringing the necessary relief to your pet and will help you avoid any unwanted side effects of the substance.

The dosage is determined by weight and whether you want to try the minimum or maximum amount for your dog or cat. The general rule is about 1mg per 10lbs for low dose, 3mg for medium, and 5mg for maximum dosage.

You can check our serving sizes here to get a better idea of what your pet will need.

What’s the Best Way to Get Started?

As with anything new, you’ll want to ease your pet into a CBD regimen. It’s recommended to begin with a low dose so you can determine how your dog or cat reacts to the new hemp oil.

If your pet seems to tolerate the low dose and is showing signs of improvement, you can try a medium dose and eventually move on to the maximum dosage for their weight (for serious conditions).

How Do I Administer It?

Some pets will have no problem taking CBD oil when you drop it directly into their mouths, being careful not to touch the dropper in order to keep it sterile. If your dog or cat is more stubborn when taking medication, you can easily mix it in with a treat or their dinner.

Give CBD Oil For Pets a Try

Hopefully, the information above on CBD oil for pets has shed some light on whether or not your fur baby could benefit from it; as you can see, there multiple conditions that can be greatly improved by using these products.

If you’re ready to provide some relief for your pet, pick up some high-quality CBD oil today here on our site. We know your furry friends will thank you.